Court Options is under contract with Monroe County to provide Misdemeanor Probation supervision and services. We also assist the State Attorney’s Office by providing supervision for Misdemeanor and Felony Pretrial Diversion offenders. Our qualified employees supervise and assist clients in completing conditions ordered by the courts. We offer a variety of services, such as: SASSI screening, drug and alcohol screening and facilitation of required court ordered courses. These courses are, but not limited to: Anger Management, Changing Faulty Thinking, Driving While License Suspended, FWC (live and online), Drug and Alcohol Education and Understanding HIV and AIDS. These classes are available in English and Spanish.

Educational Courses

  • Anger Management (Battery, Resist with Violence, Affray) 12 total hours
  • Changing Faulty Thinking (Previously Shoplifting Course)
    (Shoplifting, Grand Theft, Fraud) 4 total hours
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
    (1st time Drug/Alcohol Offenses, i.e. Poss. of Alcohol by minor) 8 total hours
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife [Online $125.00)
    (For Recreational Fishing Violations) 4 total hours
  • Understanding HIV and AIDS (Prostitution) 2 total hours
  • Job Skills Workshop 2 total hours

Other Services

  • Supervision for Misdemeanor Probation, Misdemeanor and Felony Pre Trial Intervention in all three Monroe County Offices (Tavernier, Marathon and Key West)
  • Supervision for Community Service Work
  • Drug Testing: Alcohol Breath Test and 5 Panel Drug Urinalysis $10.00
  • SASSI: Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory ($10.00 Fee for Drug Urinalysis)
  • Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet (SCRAM): (DUI and Domestic Battery) Continuous alcohol monitoring and safety with automated, passive testing from 24 to 48 times per day. Daily reporting of test results are delivered to the supervising officer.

The Scram Bracelet will:

  • Monitor offenders’ alcohol use 24 hours per day
  • Deter defendants from drinking and relapsing while they are on the road to recovery
  • Assist treatment providers in creating treatment plans for defendant
  • Provide prosecutors and the judiciary with a real assessment tool that increases public safety