Pre-Trial diversion may be offered to individuals who qualify and have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony offense. We also offer pre-trial diversion programs for traffic and DUI offenses. These programs enable clients to avoid prosecution and have the charges against them dropped upon successful completion of the program.
Court Options practices a specialized caseload strategy for all caseloads. We believe this specialized approach provides specific knowledge and understanding of the issues related to the offense. Court Options provides evening and weekend support for all individuals who participate in our programs. Participants can usually receive assistance 12 hours a day, six days a week with any issues pertaining to their case.
This program provides Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) in supervision programs that include education, sanctions, treatment and incarceration. SCRAM is setting new standards for the way agencies and the courts supervise and treat DUIs, domestic violence and other alcohol-triggered offenses. By combining continuous alcohol monitoring and safety with automated, passive testing from 24 to 48 times per day, daily reporting of test results can be delivered to your case manager. Court Options is the original provider of SCRAM for Miami-Dade County. For more information on alcohol monitoring services, please visit here.
The Back on Track program is a DUI diversion program for those defendants who have been arrested for driving under the influence. The State Attorney's Office will determine who is eligible for the program. Defendants who are eligible for the program will be given the opportunity to complete various conditions in order for their DUI charge to be reduced to a lesser charge, if all conditions are successfully completed.
The Drive Legal Again Program (DLAP) Hillsborough County

The Drive Legal Again Program (DLAP) is a traffic diversion program for offenders who have been arrested or ticketed for DWLS (Driving While License Suspended) or NVDL (Non Valid Driver's License) in Hillsborough County. the Hillsborough State Attorney's Office determines who is eligible for this program and offer the program to eligible offenders at various court calendars. Offenders who are eligible for the program will be given the opportunity to complete various conditions in order for their charge to be "nolle prossed" or "dropped" if all conditions are successfully completed.

Conditions include an educational class and supervision fees. Classes are available on weekdays and weekends and after hours as well. Cases must remain open for a minimum of three months. Court Options will also provide a full case plan to assist the offender in obtaining a valid drivers license. while in the program.

For Further information, please call (813)374-0312 or email
New Options, the outpatient program for substance abuse treatment, is licensed by the state of Florida as a Level I Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. It is designed to provide individuals in our community with needed intervention, assessment and treatment services to address a substance abuse problem that has resulted in their involvement in the criminal justice system. This program requires a referral from an agency, the courts, or can be entered voluntarily as well.
The State Attorney's Office in coordination with the courts, Duval County Clerk of Courts, and law enforcement launched the KEYS 2 Drive program to help certain traffic offenders obtain a valid driver's license. The program is available to criminal defendants who are currently charged with a misdemeanor Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (Section 322.34 Florida Statute) or No Valid Driver's License (Section 322.03). The goal of KEYS 2 Drive is simple: To help citizens obtain a valid driver's license and put them back on the road safely and legally. A valid driver's license helps put people on the path to greater personal and economic success.