About Us
Our Mission
Court Options is committed to the provision of a comprehensive array of quality court-related services for people involved in the criminal justice system. These services are designed to create new opportunities for individuals and to deliver effective alternatives for our courts, thereby enhancing public safety.
"We are modern day crime fighters"
Our Team
Court Options was founded by George Romagosa and Ruben Valdivia, two criminal justice professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the development and delivery of court-approved programs. Our management team is comprised of individuals with a great deal of experience and education in the criminal justice field. Our instructors are adept at teaching an evidence-based curriculum. These programs are easily comprehended and resonate positively with the clients, helping to avoid recidivism.We are evaluated and appointed by the State Attorney's Office to serve the citizens of Miami-Dade and Hillsborough Counties. We are continually identifying and researching new ways to help alleviate the pressure on the court systems. Our programs have proven to be extremely effective, resulting in an 83% success rate.We encourage you to look into all of our programs to determine which ones would best serve your particular needs, or the needs of your clients.
Client Testimonials
"The teacher was very insightful and and made me comfortable with the subject."
"The class really forces you to look at your behavior and change."
"I would really like to thank the instructor for opening up my eyes."
"More people need to go to this class to learn about the dangers of drugs."
"The teacher was very funny and also taught me a lot about my mistakes. Thanks"
"Court Options helped me get my license back; now I can drive to work without being worried about getting arrested."